How to become a successful business coach

You are drawn to Business Coaching because you are driven to help others because you have the skills and knowledge to help others achieve success. But how can you assure your own success at the same time? It may seem daunting, but with the right training, tools, and experience, you can set yourself (and your coaching business) up for success.

An increasing number of entrepreneurs and small business owners recognise that engaging a Business Coach increases their chances of success exponentially, which explains why the Business Coaching industry has seen such huge growth over the past year and is showing no signs of slowing any time soon. While that means more opportunities for you to succeed as a Business Coach, it also means there’s more competition. In the first of this two-part blog, I will show you some key aspects you should focus on to ensure you stand out from the crowd and succeed as a Business Coach.

Invest in Yourself


Invest in Yourself

Yes, you’re a Business Coach, but don’t forget that you are also a Business Owner! Succeeding as a Business Coach is not just about helping others achieve their goals, it is making time to ensure you are setting – and reaching – your own professional goals. You are an entrepreneur building a business too. Being a coach means knowing how to work with your clients, but being an entrepreneur means knowing how to reach clients and attract them to you. If you fail to achieve the latter, the former will be redundant.

Ask yourself: am I being the kind of coach that I would happily hire for myself? If the answer is no, then it is time to identify what actions you need to take to become that coach. Think about what you need to invest in order to become the kind of Business Coach that you’d want to hire.

It is crucial to invest in yourself and actively learn how to not only be a great coach but how to build a great business yourself. There are many ways you can do this – from mentoring or online learning, to engaging the services of a Business Coach for yourself. A coach will give you everything that you aim to provide for others – help with business strategy, challenge you, motivate and inspire you, and hold you accountable to make sure you take the actions needed to achieve success and attract clients.

Successful people accept that they will need ongoing guidance and learning, no matter what stage they are at in their careers. The more support you get, the greater your chances of success.


Find your Niche


Find your Niche

When starting out, many fall into the trap of focusing on too broad a range of client types because they don’t want to limit themselves. The reality is that this actually results in fewer enquiries for your services. If you are too general, people struggle to relate their business or their business needs to what you offer.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none”. This applies to Business Coaching. When you approach business with an “everyone is my client” attitude, you will waste time, money and energy chasing the whole world. When you market to everyone, you are marketing to no one.  You aren’t visible to any single audience and therefore you are ignored. Once you know who your ideal client is, you will know exactly what their need and wants are and where to find them.

How to Niche Down

Ask yourself exactly who your ideal client is. Don’t be afraid to get very specific. Now think about what your passion or talent is. What is your own personal area of knowledge and expertise? When you have worked these things out, you will be able to work out what your coaching niche is. You will be equipped to create a marketing strategy that is specific to your area of expertise, and to the businesses and people you can work with. You will then be able to develop targeted marketing materials that will talk directly to your ideal clients.

This is a process I have worked through myself, so I realise that it can initially feel daunting. You may worry that you will lose clients by niching down, but I can reassure you that I experienced the exact opposite. The more I started to niche and narrow my focus, the clearer I became on the problems I solve and the market I serve. I then attracted more and more clients as a result. And, crucially, they were the right clients.

Be Visible


Be visible

Whether you’re already an established coach or you’re just starting out, finding a way to connect and build a relationship with your potential customers on various platforms is vital to the success of your coaching business. In today’s digital world, it helps your ideal clients find you, identify what you offer, and then potentially hire you for your expertise. In short, your potential clients expect you to have an online presence.

Today, most people looking to engage a new service will use a web search or even social media pages as their first port of call. According to Google, 97 per cent of consumers search for businesses online. However, creating an online presence means more than simply setting up a website. In fact, creating a great website is just the first step. You still need to do more by making the most of other platforms such as social media.

A good website and social media presence build your brand, and it works for you 24/7.

Even when you are sleeping, your online presence is wide awake and helping you reach new clients. Your online presence is an easy and affordable way to market your skills and build your brand. If your coaching business doesn’t have an online presence, then there is no way that you can appeal to these clients.

Keep Reading

In part two of this blog, I will discuss more ways you can optimise your success as a Business Coach. In the meantime, why not get in touch with me to book a free 30-minute consultation.