How to build a successful coaching business.

Resolving to Succeed in Business Coaching in 2022.

Whilst striving for success and a positive mindset should be a year-round endeavour, as a new year rings in, it is only natural to take stock of where you are right now and think about where you’d hope to be in a year’s time.  In my last Blog Post, I looked at some strategies that will help you succeed as a Business Coach. Here are some more ideas for you to consider that will help you achieve your career goals in 2022.

Be Your Own Champion

“Can I just ask a stupid question?” “This is probably a ridiculous idea, but…”  “I might be wrong, but…”

If this sounds like your pattern of speech, it’s time to make a change. It’s important to think carefully about the language you use. It is a typically British characteristic to be somewhat self-deprecating, and something that many women do without even realising. The occasional well-timed joke at your own expense is one thing, but a constant flow of self-criticism undermines your credibility and risks convincing others you’re not up to the job. Does that sound like a Business Coach you’d like to work with?

You are your business. If you are not comfortable marketing it (i.e., yourself) then how will can you expect potential clients to feel confident engaging your services? You wouldn’t want to put your life in the hands of a surgeon or an airline pilot who seems unsure of themselves, so how can you expect a business owner to trust you with their livelihood if you constantly downplay your abilities?

This is where finding your own mentor or Business Coach is invaluable. There are many different coaching packages out there that will work with you to improve your mindset and identify the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from knowing your own worth.

Make your strengths and credentials known. Whether that is formal certifications and qualifications, your own business track record, or your successes with previous clients. The reality is that there are a lot of Business Coaches out there so whatever experience or quality it is that makes you good at your job and sets you apart from the rest put it out there. Otherwise, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Listen Up

Listen up

 Being a “good listener” is important for success in both your professional and personal life, but have you ever thought about the qualities needed to become a good listener?

You must focus your attention on the other person and the message, both verbal and nonverbal, that they’re sending. Listening is more than just hearing the words that are spoken. It’s about digging deeper to uncover the meaning behind these words. Someone may say one thing when they mean something else entirely. A good listener can pay attention to visual cues such as body language to unpack what is really being said.

It may sound counterintuitive, but being a good listener also means using your voice. Sitting there silently nodding does not equal full engagement but asking a question to clarify what you’ve heard reassures your client that not only have you understood what was said, but that you comprehended it well enough to want additional information. Good listening is a two-way dialogue, rather than a one-way “speaker versus hearer” interaction. Being a good listener as a Business Coach is an active role, not a passive one.


 Building new relationships and meeting new contacts is vital to achieving personal and business growth. We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know” and the power of networking is testimony to that. Networking is a key tool for growth in any career field and is a brilliant way of building connections and interacting with people to expand your circle of influence. Good networking and the contacts you make along the way are essential for maximising the growth of your career.

Networking will not only help you meet prospective clients there and then but will enable you to form relationships with other professionals who can boost your reach. The beauty of networking means you don’t just reach the people in the room, you reach the people they know too, as word of mouth and personal recommendations are both extremely effective (and affordable) marketing tools.

Attending a Group Workshop with other Business Coaches is a great way to start making those connections.

Business networking is undoubtedly one the most successful marketing techniques to nurture and maximise your success as a Business Coach. It is an invaluable tool to increase your knowledge, learn from others’ success, attract new clients, and grow your business. In short: if you’re not networking, you should be.

Be Honest

To be a good Business Coach, you must be prepared to have difficult conversations with your clients. Your job is telling them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Holding them accountable every step of the way. Helping a client pinpoint their goals is just one aspect of coaching but is entirely worthless if you don’t then hold them accountable along their journey to reaching those goals. Guiding your clients to push their boundaries is essential, after all, real growth is impossible without being challenged.

In holding clients accountable, a skilled Business Coach knows how to frame constructive criticism in a way that protects your ally status while improving the business.

It may seem difficult or awkward at times, but honestly, it’s easier than you’d think. Your clients care deeply about their companies and your input – that is why they’ve engaged you in the first place. They expect and value your expertise in identifying areas for improvement.

Tact and respect are must-haves, but sugar-coating the truth has no place in Business Coaching.

Many industries have struggled because of the pandemic whilst others have flourished, and the Business Coaching industry is no different. The difference between succeeding or not during this coming year depends on your actions. Twelve months from now you can be celebrating the victories you have achieved. Get in Touch now to start your journey to becoming a successful Business Coach.