What is the importance of choosing a niche?

The Importance of Choosing a Niche


Why should I choose a niche?

” Many service providers tell themselves. I don’t need a niche because “Anyone can benefit from my services!”

It means that if you are trying to serve everybody… you end up serving NO – ONE!                                     

Your marketing message becomes VERY diluted and reaching your ideal client is impossible because you have no idea who you serve

I’m guilty of it too – I did not want to limit myself to a “niche”. I wanted to be free to serve the whole world, only to find out that the other coaches, who positioned themselves as experts in certain area, were attracting more clients with much more ease than I was.

I soon learned that people do not buy my services, just because I say I’m trained, accredited or I can help with any of their problems. Instead they buy solutions

They want to know WHAT will I help them with?
What major problem in their lives will be removed or what area of their live will improve dramatically as a result of working with me?  
People do not buy services they buy solutions!

It is when we identify the solutions we provide that will help us determine our niche…

It is important to become known as the go-to-person in a specialised area. This will help you gain more clients with ease and market your services much easier.  

When they see that you are helping your clients solve the xyz problem and if that person has the xyz problem, then there’s a match! They now want to do business with you (vs. hearing about your generic offer and not relating to it)

Once you have picked a niche and a target market who is actively seeking the solutions you offer – marketing your service becomes a breeze, as now you know exactly what to market and to whom (vs. having a generic offer and trying to market it to everyone and often no one listens)

Your clients care about the results they’ll get, the problem you’ll help them solve – NOT the means by which you solve them.

With a clear niche in mind, you can deliver your solutions through: one2one, workshops/trainings, talks, digital products, home study course, or many other formats. 

In short, you can grow your business with confidence knowing you’ll always have clients who are willing to work with you and pay you your worth, rather than just scraping by and hoping that someone will take you up on your service offerings.

Having Niche  also means that you stand head and shoulders above everyone else in your industry and when this happens, it makes it EASY for your prospective clients to find you.

Now the question comes back to you

Who do YOU serve and can you define them carefully?

Do you know where your ideal clients can be found so you can target them with your marketing campaigns?

If you haven’t already, you need to strongly define your niche and profile your ideal client. For example:

  • What does your ideal client do?
  • What’s keeps them up at night?
  • What worries them the most?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • How much are they typically earning?
  • What do they typically enjoy?

Take all these things into account and see how applying these to your business can really help you move forward with the quality of clients you get through the door 🙂 

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