If you are a new or aspiring Solopreneur/ business owner and you are struggling to get clients, those 10 proven steps will help you grow your business fast, get more ideal clients, and increase profit

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 1: Connect with your WHY

Ask yourself why you really doing this and how you can make your business bigger. What’s your bigger reason to help more people? Expressing the deeper meaning behind your work will make your marketing 100 times more powerful and desirable.

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 2: Identify the people you’re passionate about serving

Focus and simplify your marketing when you get clear on the specific type of ideal client you’re meant to attract. This is where you really focus on your specific type of ideal client, the specific group of people that you want to serve and focus your marketing on. You may have a solution that you can help the whole world with, anybody can benefit from your solution but if you do not focus at one group of people at the time, it would be very difficult for you to have desirable marketing message or offer. It is as if you were trying to speak to everyone and no one could hear you. So, start with one group, then you can branch out to different groups of people (different niches)

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 3: Choose a specific problem to solve

Make it easy for people to see your value when you clearly describe the main, urgent problem your business solves. Choose a specific entry problem to solve and people will be aware that they have that problem and they want to get rid of it. This is their pain and they want to solve that problem. It has to be urgent, and something they are aware of.

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 4: Describe Pain Island

Tap into the pain and frustration that will make your ideal clients wake up, pay attention and say YES to your solutions. Do not be afraid to talk about what that pain is costing them, because people living with that problem is costing them big time and you have to remind them so they want to invest in your solution.

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 5: Describe Pleasure Island

Describe the fantastic outcome your ideal clients are craving and the results that they get after they work with you. The Pleasure Island is all about results!

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 6: Discover the keywords your ideal clients are searching for

Millions of people are online looking for help right now: draw them to your website with the power of search engines and keywords.

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 7: Awaken desire for your solution

Raise awareness, so that your solution stands out and catches attention. Give people a compelling reason to join your list and then invest in your offerings.

Grow Your Business Fast,  Step 8: Share valuable tips & make people hungry for more

With the right educational marketing strategy, you’ll know exactly how much to share for free while intriguing curiosity so your potential clients want more from you.

Grow Your Business Fast,  Step 9: Create an irresistible gift & opt-in page

Create a special report, article series, video series, or audio that builds trust in your value and expertise.

Grow Your Business Fast, Step 10: Re-purpose your words to create ads, emails, articles, and blogs that attract many people your website.

Save time and expand your visibility by recycling your content in different forms and share it online.