Therapist niche

Many Therapists and Holistic Practitioners don’t yet have a niche because:

They could help anyone with virtually any problem. They didn’t want to limit themselves to working with just one group of people

They’re afraid that focusing on a niche will be too limiting

Have some doubts about whether they have enough knowledge or expertise to succeed in a specific niche area  

Usually, a quick inventory of your passions, interests, knowledge, skills and experience typically reveals more than one potential niche area. Once you choose a potential area, you can begin to gather more information and expand your expertise

They don’t understand what a niche is or how it can benefit them.

Ideally, your niche is where your passion and expertise cross with the needs and wants of a workable target market

Remember, a niche market is nothing more than a segment of a larger market that is made up of people who have similar characteristics and share a common problem or need desire that you, as an expert, can help them with.

Narrowing your Niche is important because it helps you focus your marketing and able you to speak specifically to the potential clients that will get the best results from working with you

Your Niche can be who specifically your client is.

Example: Holistic minded, spiritual, growth-oriented females between the ages of 35-65.

Your Niche can be an area that you specialised in.

Example: Helping people with eating disorders, anxiety & depression or helping couples with relationship issues

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