Reason to start your business

What is the reason you are starting your business?

I have an important question for you today

When you start your business there are lots of things you had to do but the most important piece you need to get it right before anything else is to take a look inside and ask yourself What is the reason you are starting this business?

So many people go into business for wrong reasons

Some reasons are:

  • They are in the job they hate so they looking desperately for escape so they are searching around for anything they can do
  • They think this is a good way to make more money, so they are only going for the money

Those reasons may  set you up for failure

When you start a business you have to believe in your product or service 100%. You must believe in it with whole your heart

The best businesses on the planet are the businesses started by people who would make a difference. They are either inspired what they are creating or they are frustrated and they see a gap in the market and they want to fill that gap

E.g. they may say “I can do better”,” I can deliver so much more value” etc. As you can see there are great reasons because they come from your heart and your inspiration

So I invite you to answer this question:  Why do you want to start a business?