Networking Benefits

Running your own business, doing the thing you love, can be a great way to earn a living but as with any business, you will still require a steady stream of clients to keep it growing.

Face to face networking events is growing in popularity as a useful way to promote your business alongside many other benefits too.  Just in case you thought they were all about early mornings and sales pitches, think again!

Here are our top 5 reasons to get out and network!

Top 5 Networking Benefits for Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches:

New Audience

Networking events offer a relaxed platform on which you can introduce a whole new audience to the services you provide.  Perhaps you could offer taster sessions through the group if it is practical or maybe a special introductory offer?  What better way to raise awareness of what you do and potentially convert the sceptics out there!

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful way to gain new customers and extend the reach of your marketing efforts.  As long as you consistently offer a great service and value for money then people will recommend you to others.  Remember that networking isn’t just about the people in the room; it’s about the people they know too.

Collaboration Opportunities

Meeting other businesses in your local area can often open up unexpected opportunities for promoting yourself.  For instance, I know of a therapist who following a meeting with a local health spa owner was asked to give talks to their clients on a weekly basis.  This resulted in a number of new customers for her business plus she gets paid to give the talks!

Sounding Board

Perhaps you have an idea for your business that you need a bit of advice about? Some networking groups offer the chance to discuss business issues with the whole group who can collectively offer solutions or opinions.

More informally, chatting over coffee can equally provide inspiration or new ways to solve a problem.  All small businesses face the same day to day struggles so it can make you feel a whole lot better to share with others!

Social Benefits

Networking events aren’t just about business, they can be fun too!  If you work by yourself it is easy to feel a bit isolated sometimes, even if you are regularly seeing clients.  Getting out and meeting people for an hour or two can be incredibly motivating and inspire you to take on the world!


If you fancy giving networking a go just remember that it is an ongoing process of building up contacts and relationships rather than something that happens overnight.  Once you get to know and trust people, that is when the real benefits will be realised.