Morning habit that will ground your day.

So I am asking you as your coach to take this challenge:

Practice more self-care this year

You will see, feel and experience better results in your life and business.

We, women, spend much of our lives nurturing others. For most of you, the only time you do anything of self-care is on your birthday or mother’s day, as you have to have a special day to do something kind for yourself. I believe you are the no 1 asset and you are at the core of success, your confidence level and underneath self-esteem are fuelled by your self-care.

This new habit will change  your life

I will introduce you to joyful morning habit that ground your day no matter what life throws at you

From today I would like you to start your day with a morning ritual, which has 3 parts:

Spiritual, mental and physical, so ideally your morning starts with YOURSELF (self-care)

  1. Spiritual – Connecting spiritually. This could be a short meditation, a prayer, reading or listening to something that inspires your heart and soul. It could be doing gratitude’s; the outcome is to feel connected spiritually. Writing a gratitude journal is a great way to do that. List a few activities that will help you feel connected spiritually, it may take 2 minutes or 10 minutes, it’s up to you
  1. Mental-  It’s anything that creates possibilities; it may be reviewing your goals, looking at your vision board, doing visualisation of what you want in your life or business. Read a great book that stimulates your brain. The world’s wealthiest people read 30 minutes a day a book or an article that stimulate their brain
  1. Physical – it’s getting your body moving, some of you will say “I don’t have time to do a workout” You could do few:  squats, jumps, yoga poses, sit-ups or push-ups, something to get you moving.

Consistency is the key timing is less important just invest some time every day in YOU

e.g.  You could do 3 min spiritual, few minutes reading and then you could go for a walk while listening to a book or motivational podcast on your phone. This will get you started and make your day great

Some mornings I do only 10 minutes another 30 min and some days if I feel like one hour ( I call it my hour of power )

It is your morning. Your time to nurture your spirit, mind and body!

Doesn’t matter how much time you commit to it. The important thing is that you nurturing yourself on a daily basis, that is it

So please take time to invest in YOURSELF

When you start your day positively you are shaping your day for wonderful experiences and your days become your weeks, your week’s, become your months and your month’s become your year.

So how you start your day definitely shape your success, start with you this habit and set aside at least 10 minutes a day to natured you before you move into your other roles

Do this for 30 days and notice how much better you feel and how your life transforms  

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