How to start your own business. Practise Self-belief.

“ Believe and you will achieve “

All of us have some elements of self-doubt and sometimes think we simply couldn’t do something, especially if it’s something we never have done before, but when you do have self-belief and belief in your idea, keep it strong, because in business you absolutely must believe in both to succeed
You are going to need confidence and belief to get you through the hard times. Self-belief comes most handy when you’re just about to give up, it’s what sees you through, and so you must have it.
Work on improving your confidence and self-esteem if these are things you struggle with
Doing well in business will certainly give you a confidence boost because running your own business is in itself a big pat on the back
Taking a plunge and starting a business on your own can be nerve-wracking and scary, so the more you prepared, the better

Look at You, your characteristics and your skill

Of course, it isn’t just about the idea you had, the market you intend to serve or the quality of the service or product you are planning to sell. A business can only succeed if the person behind it trusts and believe in it. There is no such a thing typical entrepreneur, but there are certain characteristics that can be helpful when going alone

Assess your own strength and weakness.

Be honest
Do you …

• Have the necessary organisational skills required to get your idea off the ground?
• Enjoy working alone.
•  Are you dedicated and determined.
• Able to seize the opportunity- always.
• Do you believe in yourself and your idea.
• Have money or potential finance.
• Know who could help you.
• Are you expert in any area.
• How much you know about the market.
• Are you flexible?

Remember if you are not any (or some) of these things it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into business. You should simply look to improve the area where your skills are lacking or partner/ find stuff who have those abilities to complement your own

Be proud to be you

Create a list of achievements you have accomplished that you are proud of and pleased about.
If you start thinking about yourself as already successful, having achieved quite a bit, you can encourage your own regard for yourself and trust in your abilities. How you think about your business idea and your own abilities are crucial when starting your business and when you are managing and growing it.

Belief is one of the main reason why some businesses succeed and others don’t

You are literally your greatest supporter, but only if you believe in yourself, your business, the idea, and concept, your service, product, and abilities – only then will you have the edge in business and life

Challenge your belief in your capabilities

Roger Banister was the first man to break the four-minute mile barrier. Until the day he did that, nobody thought running a mile under four minutes was possible. But after Roger run, 52 people run the four-minute mile too. Once they accepted that was possible, others did it- they achieved a goal that had previously been considered impossible. Roger Banister forced the world to change its limiting belief that a four-minute mile was impossible. Everything seems impossible until you try it.

So think about what beliefs you have that limits you.
Start to challenge those assumptions. You can do anything you set your mind to

Try this “no limits” exercise
Consider what’s stopped you starting your own business in the past?
Why is it that you’re not already running your own business?
List your reasons and fears
Complete the following sentence in your own words:
If I wasn’t afraid I would …

Think big, reach for the stars. Consider absolutely no limits. Just imagine it

E.g. If I wasn’t afraid I would travel the ward, start my own coaching business, write a song etc.

Now write down and complete the following sentence in your own words:
If I knew I could not fail and success was guaranteed I would…

And again
If I knew I could not fail and success was guaranteed I would…

Get excited about your idea: imagine if success was guaranteed, what would your business look like? Stretch your creativity and imagination. Of course, you’re not superwoman or superman nobody is. A powerful image of a genius entrepreneur can faze us well as inspire us. Nobody is brilliant at everything, because nobody’s perfect. But you can do whatever you set your mind to by focusing on your strengths, improving weaknesses and hiring the right people to complete your dream. Don’t give yourself a hard time when you make mistakes (they are learnings) Think positive, belief and you will achieve

Now it is time for another wonderful exercise.

I suggest you go for a walk and take your phone or notebook and pen with you or find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for some time. It’s time to clear your head and focus so that you can really visualise on what you could achieve, on what the possibilities are.

Visualise and picture your success

Where are you?
Who are you with?
What are you doing?
Look at your achievements
Picture the business as you wanted it to look. Visualise it. Create a picture of it in your mind’s eye. Make it real in your mind.

Then imagine telling someone the story of how you got to your successful position.

Record or write down your thoughts
This will help you stretch your idea about where you might take your business idea, by thinking big, taking some risk and going for it. It gives you something to work towards, and now that you have visualised it and/or written it down – your big dream – it is already more likely to happen

Here is what Dame Anita Roddick says
You constantly have to visualise the possible, I think if you have this passion for what you want to do it creates a vision in your head which becomes the present. It’s never something you aspire to, it’s the present, and therefore you never see any problems. No entrepreneur that I’ve ever met has ever seen a problem with their idea”

“Dreams are seedling of reality”

Don’t fear Failure

Success is available, but most people don’t grab it because the risk of failure is too much to bear. That’s what makes the difference. The majority of successful entrepreneurs don’t see a failure like that. They see failure as an opportunity to learn. Also, successful entrepreneurs care little about what others think of them, and this helps them reduce or diminish that fear

Be prepared to fail, because it’s better to try and fail than not even try…

Overcoming any fear of failure you may have is the key to success both in business and life
“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly”~ Robert Kennedy

Now write down your answers to the following questions:

• How will I create a balance between work, life, personal satisfaction, and expectations?
• What are the qualities and motivation factors affecting my business?
• Also, what are the advantages and disadvantages of going alone?
• Why do I want to start up my business? Is it definitely for me?
• Is there anything standing in my way? Real or imagine
• Will I be willing to make sacrifices like working harder for a less financial reward at the beginning?

Remember success starts with a clear cut decision to make it happen, to go for it.
So make your choice, make your own luck and make it happen

Also, choose your purpose and choose success
Now the dreaming part is dealt with for now (remember it should be continued, regular visualising your business) it’s time to focus on the practical issues like Is your idea viable? How will you make it work? What obstacles might you face?

Now is time to focus. Read on to find out how to make your idea to fruition, figured out finance and get guidance from mentor/coach who has been there
And of course… BELIEVE!

If you need some help and support with making your dream reality contact me.