How to make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

If you are not moving towards something that matters to you, if you are don’t have clarity about that; if you not making significant progress in your life and business ,  you will not be happy.

So no matter what experience you had , the future is full of possibilities, you have  blank slate this year .  You can create whatever you want.

 So what is possible for you this year?

It’s never too late to reach your potential to become who you made to be and accomplished what matters to you most.

 Here is the question you can ask yourself

 What are you going to do differently this year?

What if you could start this year with the clarity, courage and commitment you need to achieve what you really want? You absolutely can, but you have to set up yourself for the best year

 Think… if we were meeting a year from today what needs to happened both personally and professionally in your life for you to feel happy with your progress?

 1. Set your intention

It all begins with a decision that this year is going to be different from last year

Here is reality, if you don’t chose with intent you fall into drifting and nobody drifted to a destination, right?

They have chosen. You have to decide to become designer of your own future to choose and design your life

2. Give yourself permission to dream

3. Chose a time a place to dream

It is important that you set aside time to dream about your best year and dream big

4. Believe you can win

The thing about possibilities thinking is that it gives you physical and mental energy, it inspires creativity and it gives you resources you need to succeed.

Most importantly, it helps you remove self-doubt that often can keep us from winning

5. Set right kind of goals not just dreams (goal without time scale is just a dream)

Set something that is specific, measurable meaningful to you.

Goals must be written down in present tense and in a positive language, remember SMART

S     Simple, Specific

   Measurable, Meaningful to You

    As If Now, Achievable

   Responsible / Ecological

    Timed, Toward What You Want

 6.Tap into your motivation

There is a saying “If you have strong enough why, you will figure out how “, so tap into what is important to you. Ask yourself why do you want to achieve this goal? Why this is important to you?  What this will give you ( e.g. Security , freedom, variety etc. )  These reasons are going to be the source of your motivation to keep you going

7. Brain storm everything possible you could do to achieve your goals

Write down every little thing you can think of

8. Organise your list into action plan and follow up your plan (inspiration is nothing without action)

List the action you will take to achieve where you want to be

9. Do something every day 

Take at least one action every day that takes you closer to your goals , by doing at least one thing for each goal every day, you build an unstoppable momentum making easier and easier to move in the direction you want.

10. Visualise your goals daily – Having a vision is simply creating a picture of what you want

There is something rather amazing about what happens when you get clear internal representation of what you want. It programmes our mind and body to achieve that goal, and go beyond our present limitations. Before anything happens in the real world, it must first happen in imaginary world.

Lastly , SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE BIG DREAMS and are passionately going for it – you’ll be inspired, too!

Share what are you going to do differently to make your 2016 Best Year