How to create a marketing mindset

What I often find interesting is that some people who have hired me to work with them to attract more clients they didn’t need to be taught about marketing.

They knew about marketing, they knew what kind of marketing techniques were available and how to apply them.

What they needed help with was, changing what they thought about marketing. Many helping professions have some resistance to marketing, they feel that marketing has an atmosphere of sleaziness around it. You may think that marketing is something used car salesperson use to sell cars.

If this was your perception of marketing, would you do it?

Of course not! If you feel that marketing is sleazy, you will avoid it. Unfortunately, you will also avoid doing what you love and getting highly paid to do that.

The good news is that marketing done right is not at all unpleasant or disreputable.

If done right, it’s not about high-pressure sales tactics or uncomfortable situations. Rather, it is about introducing you to your target market and sharing information that your target market needs.

Once your target market sees that you are an expert at what you do, you will not need to do much selling. Your target market will be much more willing to work with you.

Here is how to create a marketing mindset that will help you get clients and multiply your profits honestly and ethically:

Understand what Promotion really is.

Marketing is a process designed to introduce your target clients to your business, educating them  and to get to know you.

Realize that your potential clients need your help and that your expertise has value.

Your potential clients have real problems and they need your help. When you market, you let them know that you can help them. What can be more valuable than that? You are not trying to sell them something they don’t want, but something they want and need!

Create a plan to introduce yourself to people in your target market.

Create a plan that will help you reach many people in your target market and let them know how you can help them solve their problems

Find a technique that you enjoy the most. You will do much more when you do what you like.

Review different marketing techniques such as public speaking, social networking, article writing, search engine optimization and many more. Which ones do you like best? Which methods feel the most natural to you? Start by using the ones that you like. You will get better results, gain confidence in your skills and the process, and most importantly you will enjoy more!

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