How to change your mindset for success

Developing a positive mindset is crucial to success especially if you are starting your own business. Having a positive mindset is a very powerful tool that will lead to success.
A successful business owner has no special advantages over an unsuccessful business owner. They are often no better educated on more intelligent. The thing that sets them apart is their mindset. Positive minded people succeed because they recognise opportunities and they don’t stop until they achieve their goals.

Mindset influences everything we see and everything we do

Today, I share some very important tips on how to train your mind for success and why taking the time to do this is just as important as marketing your business.

Your mindset is a valuable piece of equipment, just like your other business tools like e.g. your phone or laptop etc. And it should be used to its full potential.

What has become really clear to me over the last 4 years of being a business owner and working with many professionals is that there is a very clear link between mindset and success. 

How you think and how you feel affects what you do and how you do it.

If you expect a successful outcome you will get one because all your attention and actions will be focused on making that happen. If you don’t – the reverse is true.

For example what happens in my coaching sessions. We meet twice a month for an hour and the client brings a business issue to the session. You would think that the hot topics would be marketing ideas and how to get more business … and yes, that is what’s discussed. But also high on the agenda are things like lack of confidence, fear of failure, indecision, overwhelm, procrastination and lack of self-worth, particularly around pricing.

So, it’s really clear to me that having a positive mindset plays a big part in your success.

But it’s something that has to be worked on and you have to make a conscious decision to do it. I know myself that when I let this work slip because I think I’m too busy or don’t give it enough attention I’m not as productive or motivated.

It is always important to remember that mindset is something that you choose. Choosing which mindset you adopt will determine whether you succeed or fail. Having a positive growth mindset will enable you to prosper.

Some easy steps you can take to work on your mindset are:

Listen to Audios and Podcasts. I listen a lot especially when I travel in public transport

Read Books 

For example, one of the great books is old classic “The magic of thinking big”

Focus On What You Have Done Rather Than What You Haven’t. 

Write a list each day of your successes. All successes no matter how small should be recorded and celebrated.

Focus On What Has Gone Right Rather Than What Has Gone Wrong and Solutions to Problems. 

Look forward, not backwards. (You can’t drive forward looking in the rear mirror you will crash)

Surround Yourself with Positive People. 

Not the moaners and complainers. People with a negative mindset will lead you to have self-doubts whereas being around people with a positive mindset will inspire you to succeed especially with business opportunities as they will always find reasons why an opportunity will succeed.

Enthusiasm and positive thinking are contagious!


Implement at least one of these strategies.

Buy a book, download a podcast, or get a Success Diary.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, start today!  Remember, action produces results!

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