How to Be a Successful Solopreneur

Being dedicated, passionate, and hardworking are essential qualities of all successful entrepreneurs, but more so for those who run their businesses entirely independently: Solopreneurs.

All solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are solopreneurs. What differentiates a solopreneur from an entrepreneur is they have employees: unlike entrepreneurs, solopreneurs run their business single-handedly without a hired staff. That is, they work solo.

All solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are solopreneurs. Employees are different from a solopreneur: unlike entrepreneurs, solopreneurs run their businesses single-handedly without a hired staff. That is, they work solo.

Solopreneurs are among the most ambitious people you can meet. They are driven by a passion for their work and a thirst for success. To be a successful solopreneur takes a certain skill set: passion, patience, superb organisational skills, determination, and self-motivation.

It takes a special kind of person to become a solopreneur. Could it be the right path for you? And what does it take to be a successful Solopreneur? Keep reading to see if I can help you find those answers.


How to Become a Successful Solopreneur

Let’s get down to business. How exactly do you become a solopreneur—and a successful one at that? In this section, I break down the key areas new and aspiring solopreneurs should focus on.


1. Find your Niche.

Find your Niche

Most successful businesses start within a well-defined niche, but it is even more crucial for solopreneurs. When Solopreneurs start out, they typically don’t have the level of funds for advertising and marketing that larger companies have, so figuring out what sets your business apart from others will ensure you don’t waste time trying to compete in an existing market with fewer resources. Do some market research to check if there is a gap in the market for your product or service. Is there a need for the product or service you’d like to offer? Who is your target audience/customer?

Also, make sure to check if you have any competitors. If you do, get an idea of what they’re doing so you can refine your own idea and do it better.

As a solopreneur, you are a one-person show. Your niche is what sets you apart and will make your customers seek you out in the long term.

You are the best person to determine what your niche is, and if you are to be successful, figuring it out should be your priority. If you are struggling to narrow it down, you could benefit greatly

from working with a Coach to help guide you on the right path for you. Alternatively, you might consider taking a Profiling Test to get a better understanding of your core strengths.


2. Make a Business Plan.

Make a business plan

Ever heard the phrase “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? Succeeding in business does not happen by accident, you must be clear on what you plan to achieve, and how you intend to do it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or Solopreneur, a business plan that encapsulates your business vision and goals is essential to your success.  A business plan helps you solidify your targets and provides a road map. By setting objectives and goals, you have clear benchmarks to ascertain your success over time. After all, it is much harder to reach a destination if you have no plan about the journey you will take to reach it.

If this is something you struggle to do alone, working with a Business Coach could be of huge benefit to you. On that note…


3)  Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

Ask for help

Being a Solopreneur means you primarily work alone, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone! Trying to navigate the business world with no outside input can lead to feeling isolated and discouraged at times. It’s essential to have people and resources around you that you can access for support and bounce your ideas off. Whilst many solopreneurs work from home, others choose to opt for a coworking space for this exact reason.


Meeting other Solopreneurs at networking events is a great way to find like-minded people who can relate to your situation and provide a brilliant sounding board. Another benefit of networking is that you will make contacts that could translate into business leads. By making yourself visible in the wider business world, those you encounter will hold you in mind when opportunities arise.


Many Solopreneurs engage the services of a Business Coach or Mentor as they are a brilliant way to help grow your business. This is an invaluable resource that will not only help you identify the right goals but hold you accountable and keep you focused so that you achieve them.


Most successful people have consistently had other people helping them. Whether you get expert guidance from a professional business coach or consultant, guidance and feedback on your ideas and goals are essential. The more support you get, the greater your chances of success with your business.


4. Build your Brand

In order to market yourself effectively, you must develop a clear brand identity. Your brand creates the first impression about your business. It tells potential customers who you are and what you do.

When building your solopreneur brand, ask yourself key questions such as:

  • What is my niche?
  • What do I want to achieve as a brand?
  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • Why should a client/customer choose me over a competitor?

Answering these questions will help you get clear on your brand before marketing it to the world.

A significant part of building your brand involves establishing your online presence. High-level web design ensures your website looks great in terms of content, colours, text, and images. Internet searches are the most popular way people seek out services nowadays, so it’s essential that you optimise your website for search engines. One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your website in search results is to publish optimised blog posts consistently.

You will also need to focus on your social media presence. A strong social media presence is essential for attracting clients and reinforcing your credibility. Making sure you have regularly updated Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages is a cost-free and highly effective way of boosting your brand visibility. Marketing yourself in this way is a brilliant source of passive income, as you are able to reach new clients 24/7, even when you are away from your desk.


5. Don’t Give Up!

Do not give up

You are bound to meet obstacles along the way when running a solo business, and it is not uncommon for self-doubt to creep in. Can I really do this? Should I give up? The simple fact is that you won’t succeed if you give up!

Every successful solopreneur suffers setbacks along the way. The key to succeeding is never giving up, in spite of any adversity you may face. Work on boosting your self-belief and positive mindset, as these will be essential for seeing you through the tough times.

In my role as a Business Coach, I am passionate about working with solopreneurs like you to nurture a positive mindset, tackle self-limiting beliefs and become more confident. Once you achieve this, you will no longer stand in the way of your own success.


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