Definition of success

Seven years ago, I was tired, chasing someone else’s dream: work hard, climb the corporate ladder, strive for the six-figure salary, the bigger house…

At the time, I defined success by what I learned and observed growing up – like so many of us do.

But the more I achieved those goals, the less I felt like me. Chasing someone else’s definition of success is like trying to fit into someone else’s skin, it’ll never fit. The energy you spend chasing something different to your truth leaves you, unfulfilled, and quite unsuccessful. Consider your own definition of success. Is it influenced by your upbringing? your friends? Or adverts? Whose definition are you chasing?

In order to redefine what success means to you, look deeply into who you are and what is really important to you.

For example, you might define success as doing what you love and knowing that it matters, maintaining vague lines between work and play, or building a lifestyle that allows freedom and the ability to meet your financial goals. When you live by your definition of success, life and work feel wonderful and you find yourself naturally motivated.

Aligning with your personal definition of success fuels your focus with positive emotions and helps you stay on track.

You will connect with your clients and community more authentically – allowing them to clearly recognise that you are the one for them. Also  when you know what success truly looks like for you, you’ll recognise when you get there.