7 steps to success

Why do we all crave success?

I guess you may feel the same. When I succeed, it makes me feel good and give me a really happy feeling

I feel that I’ve accomplished something and made an impact on this world

So I would say, success makes you feel important to the world, makes you stand out as unique and intelligent, makes you feel good, boosts your reputation, etc.

Success gives you all the good things as well as giving you the “achieved status” which tells others that your work and effort got you there

So why so many people fail?

Lack of vision, goals and how to create a plan to achieve it

Without a vision of your desired outcome, you allow circumstances to create it for you.  Instead of you creating it yourself

Identifying a number of personal and professional goals and then writing them down  is crucial to your success in business and life

The attitude you adopt determines whether you are successful in creating a lifestyle you enjoy.

Your level of commitment is absolutely critical to your long-term success and achievement

Your thinking habits are the most powerful tools you have for creating anything you genuinely desire

Successful people are solution-oriented people. When they want to get something done, they simply develop a plan for doing it.

Here are the 7 steps to create success

1. Start with what you have or what you know. Something you are passionate about

When you passionate about something when you experience a challenge, you will keep pushing. Because  when you  have strong enough why you will figure out how

Also, passion will give you fulfilment

2. Believe in yourself, your product or service If you do not have confidence – you will fail

3. Become excellent at what you do – how you position yourself, how you stand out, what is your niche,  become an expert and becoming a lifelong learner.

4. Developmental toughness – you must master rejection, overcome prejudice

5. Life balance –  have a balance between business and family and friends, find what is important to you and prioritise. 80% of results come out of 20% activities, time management is a key. So, manage your time, life and stress well.

6. Develop 7characteristic of successful people:

Determination, integrity, flexibility, perseverance, curiosity, discipline, leadership

7. Learn fundamental business skills and find support: a coach or support group