SMART Planner – daily & weekly action plan tool

SMART Planner Tool

Do you have a never-ending to-do list that seems to grow longer as the days go by?

Do you ever struggle to find enough hours in the week to complete the tasks that really matter in your business?

If this is you, I have the perfect solution.

I have designed a SMART Planner – a simple tool to help you plan your days and weeks so you can efficiently and systematically grow your business.

ONLY £9.95

Who is the SMART Planner for?

This easy-to-use tool is perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners who are working towards business and life goals. It provides ideal support to your business planning process. Plus, you can use it as a project management tool, and you can even share it with your team members if you have any.

SMART Planner creates success

How this SMART Planner system works:


Identify key action steps to achieve goals faster

Reduces overwhelm, improves focus and helps prioritise your tasks


Daily and weekly planners keep you on track

Work first on what matters most.

This tool will help you Plan Your Weeks /Days and Grow Your Business!

It will help you be more focused and acting on what matters most, first.

Many people struggle with getting the important stuff done, we fill our days with activities, but don’t necessarily with the important steps and activities towards our goals.

This weekly and daily action planning tool will help you achieve your goals because when we consistently work on what really matters to you and your business, you achieve your goals and dreams, and you  get there faster!

Instructions for use:

Before you look at you weekly Action Planner first refer to your monthly/quarterly goals and use these to figure out your weekly actions.

Then use the Daily Action planner page to make your daily action. First review your diary for pre-existing commitments.

Learn more about how to use the SMART Planner in my blogpost: SMART Planner – how to use my Action Plan Sheet to grow your business

Weekly SMART Planner

Page 1 - A Weekly Action Planner


Identify your top 3-5 priorities, track upcoming actions and ideas, remember personal actions (e.g. birthday, exercise class) and identify what to delegate/get help with.

Daily SMART Planner

Page 2 - A Daily Action Planner


Identify your “Key” Action for the day, “Quick Win” and personal tasks for that day. List your Top 3 Priorities for that week at the top of the form to keep you focused when planning your day.

ONLY £9.95

Purchase now via PayPal and the PDF Template will be emailed to you within 24hrs. You can print it out time and time again to use for your weekly action planning.